Rain, Archmage of Heaven's Gate


The Arch mage of Conjuration, and Leader of all Mages in Heaven’s Gate, he is active in the political scene. He is actually one of a few mages trained in the arts of combat and wearing of Armor. It is not uncommon to see him walking around town in his Mithral Full-Plate with his sword on his hip. When asked about why he wears armor, his favorite reply, is “For when I run out of spells.”

This is because when he was just beginning to learn the ways of Wizardry, he found himself out of spells, and his Cantrips, were not doing enough, his brother, Solas, was wounded, and picking up his brothers great sword, with a final swing of desperation, cleaved the Assaulter’s head from his shoulders.

Knowing that this situation befalls Mages often, he is an advocate of learning to use a sword in conjunction with magic.

Inside the school of conjuration there is two extra sub specialties, he personally teaches, Sword mage, and to the much disdain of his fellow arch-mages, he teaches a school on how to maximize basic Cantrips and use more power to make them more effective and cast multiple instead of one single spell.

His greatest pride, is the opening of the portal to the 9 hells, for the Grand Army to march through, with its closing, and the surge of demons coming through their own, he is actively looking for a way to re-open the portal and get out soldiers home.


Rain, Archmage of Heaven's Gate

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